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Technikum Laubholz – A big stepforward!

To the delight of all involved parties Technikum Laubholz is growing. Developments in all research fields are progressing at high speed.


Additional space is needed for the upcoming construction of the first pilot production lines, which could no longer be adequately provided at the previous interim location in Blaubeuren. Therefore, in close consultation with the supervisory board, Technikum Laubholz has decided to take the next big step and move into buildings and halls that became available on site of Schuler Group, Göppingen. The new premises are available immediately. Moving will be completed by the end of 2022. The first pilot production lines will be put into operation in Göppingen by the second quarter of 2023. The rented laboratories in Blaubeuren will continue to be used.


With this decision, the further development of Technikum Laubholz is secured for the next five years. Company Schuler Group will step by step retrench from the site in the upcoming years. Technikum Laubholz can develop and take up further space by actual need. The potential for development on the Schuler site is generally estimated very positively. In total, areas (mainly built-up sites) of up to eight hectares are available.


Technikum Laubholz is very pleased about the unanimous unlimited, great support for the rapid implementation of this next development step. Gaining planning and realization reliability through the process, the board and the whole team is highly motivated and anticipating a great future for Technikum Laubholz.




Das Technikum Laubholz ist eine neue unabhängige außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung. Wir entwickeln innovative und hochwertige Anwendungen für Laubholz. Differenzierung durch Innovation, Nachhaltigkeit, Individualisierung und Konzentration auf höchste Wertschöpfung.