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KIckBio Kick-off

In the second week of October, the kick-off event for the KIckBio project took place, where the project sponsor, the project advisory board, the project partners and the entire TLH project team got to know each other personally for the first time and were able to exchange information on the current state of affairs.



The project goal of KIckBio is to build a ready-for-operation and fully automated pilot plant and its digital twin for the production of nanocellulose from beech wood fibers. In a second phase, the efficiency of the plant should be improved fully automatically by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The aim is to provide the industry with important decision-making aids and a practical advantage in terms of experience.

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In addition to the project presentation, exciting conversations and discussions about the project took place. All project participants are looking forward to the cooperation and the exchange of knowledge in the field of smart manufacturing.


We would like to thank all participants for the successful kick-off and our partners for their support:



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