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The interdisciplinary teams at Technikum Laubholz work in eight fields of research. Initially, the focus will be on the fields Fiber-Based Materials, Biotec Conversion, Wood Pulping Process, and Packaging Materials. The fields Timber | Paper | Panels, Lightweight Construction, Smart Manufacturing and Energy Storage will be developed gradually from 2022.

Our Fields of research

Fiber Based Materials

Innovation with a future: Beech and other domestic woods are a sustainable source of raw material for the environmentally friendly and resource-efficient production of fiber-based materials for technical applications.

Wood Pulping

Our goal is to make comprehensive use of wood as a resource, rather than simply extracting its cellulose. This results in the production of high-quality lignin that is suitable for further conversion, for example into basic chemicals or flavorings.

Biotec Conversion

As part of bioprocess development, the field of biotec conversion focuses on the prerequisites for the development and implementation of biotechnological processes. The goal is to use all material produced by a deciduous tree as feedstock for a value chain that extends far beyond simply using it as an energy source.

Packaging Materials

The packaging materials of the future should be recyclable, resource-efficient, and made from renewable raw materials. For this reason, Technikum Laubholz is focusing on the development of bio-based and biodegradable film materials as well as on formed fiber parts for the blister packaging sector.


Smart Manufacturing

This division looks at smart manufacturing technology to turn a networked production system into a self-learning and self-organizing production environment. Although people control and monitor the production process, the number of points at which they are directly involved is steadily declining.

Lightweight Construction

This field of research combines many disciplines and findings from the other fields of research with the aim of translating them into solutions for lightweight construction. This applies to the mobility sector, but also to the construction of buildings and bridges, and to the development of lightweight textile facades.

Timber | Paper | Panels

Here, Technikum Laubholz has set itself the task of developing completely new methods and processes to refining applications for solid timber.

Energy Storage

Sustainability and batteries don’t normally go together… yet. But the keyword here is the wood battery. We want to develop energy storage systems that use lignin as the electrolyte.