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Technikumechnikum Laubholz GmbH has established a Whistleblowing System as part of its compliance measures.


This enables anyone to report a possible violation or potential misconduct during their business activities with Technikum Laubholz GmbH quickly, easily, and, above all, anonymously to the internal reporting office via the Whistleblowing System.


You can access the Whistleblowing System by clicking here.


Your report will then be forwarded to our internal reporting office and processed. The reporting office is run by Ms. Susanne Rube and our lawyer Martin Just


The Whistleblowing System can be used anonymously by using the access data generated in the Whistleblowing System when the report is made or identifiable by providing personal data.


You can use the Whistleblowing System to provide information about a possible violation and add file attachments.


You will receive confirmation of receipt within seven days of your notification at the latest. Your report will then be reviewed, and the necessary follow-up measures will be taken. The internal reporting office can initiate internal investigations and contact concerned persons and work units. It can refer the whistleblowing to other competent bodies, close the procedure for lack of evidence or other reasons, and finally hand over the process for further investigation, either to a corresponding organizational unit of Technikum Laubholz GmbH for further internal investigations or to a competent authority. You will be informed of the result of the investigation and the follow-up measures taken within three months of the start of your report.