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Sustainability, innovation and maximum added value: Yes we can!

The Technikum Laubholz is the first independent non-university institute for leading-edge research in Baden-Württemberg with an exclusive focus on the development all processes and products relating to wood as a renewable raw material. Our independent work combines basic research with industrial application. We are passionate about developing innovative wood-based products as a contribution to ensuring that life on Earth remains livable.


Essentially, we make (almost) anything conceivable out of wood. We focus on products used in our everyday lives that can be made using hardwood as a natural raw material. Our approach is based on using hardwood species with special properties as feedstock for long-term raw material cycles, thus making an effective contribution to climate protection through carbon sequestration. As a creative driver, we bring together diverse research models, abstract visions and existing inventions.


Working across eight fields of research, our interdisciplinary teams of experts from a wide variety of disciplines develop previously almost unimaginable innovative products and applications using hardwood and other renewable raw materials. Our hybrid research model enables us to switch flexibly between abstract creative thinking and real-life problem-solving applications as demand requires. The goal is to bring processes and products to market in the shortest possible time. Since its foundation in 2020, Technikum Laubholz has focused on developments in the fields Fiber-Based Materials, Biotec Conversion, Wood Pulping Process, and Packaging Materials. The fields Timber | Paper | Panels, Lightweight Construction, Smart Manufacturing, and Energy Storage will be introduced gradually from 2022.


WHAT WE DISCOVER. Technikum Laubholz is breaking new ground. To meet the huge challenges of a fast-paced world, we constantly develop new methods, processes and products that are compatible with the conservation of nature and our environment. This leads to fascinating discoveries that we can integrate and refine within the organization. We create an environment that imagines the unimagined, promotes progress through innovation, and focuses on the biological transformation of industrial production.


WHAT WE DO. Technikum Laubholz uses the Design Research model. This approach allows us to meet Baden-Württemberg’s goals in this area and to accelerate the development of innovative products so that they can be brought to market in the shortest possible time. Essentially, the value proposition involves both a closing of the gap between basic research and development to industrial maturity, and the more vigorous promotion of innovation in the field of renewable raw materials with.


WHAT WE ACHIEVE. We want to bring people, companies and the scientific and technical communities together to solve the world’s most pressing challenges while at the same time ensuring sustainable progress and creating jobs and well-being based on renewable raw materials. Our developments create systemic and technological breakthroughs that enable fundamental change and renewal. Together with our partners, we strive to find solutions with impact.

The new funding period for the European Structural and Investment Funds ERDF and ESF has begun.

“The sustainable bioeconomy and the circular economy are the keys to achieving a resource-efficient climate-neutral economy.” That was the consensus at the kickoff event for the 2021 – 2027 funding period of the European Structural and Investment Funds ERDF and ESF in Stuttgart.